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Roofing Kansas City
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This Is How Somebody Who Absolutely, Positively
LOVES ROOFING Would Run A Roofing Company…

Only The Highest Quality, Longest Lasting Materials. Only Experienced Installers We Know, Like, & Trust. Real Warranties That Hold Water & Are Actually Honored.

Does Your Roofer Love Roofing?


Money Down: Do they require a down payment? IF so, WHY? Do you need the money? Roofers who love roofing want YOU to be in control, so we won’t ask you for ANY money until materials are delivered to your home! Then just 30% to cover cost the rest when your 100% Satisfied!

Talk/Listen Ratio: Most roofers love to talk, talk, talk. They’re trying to talk you into buying. We listen, listen, listen. We need to know what you want; then we’ll make a recommendation.

Attitude: Call them on the phone. See if they sound excited to talk to you about your roof. See if they treat you like their only customer and give you their full attention.

Licensing Problems: How can a roofer say they love roofing when they don’t even have a license! The sad fact is that over 50% of so-called roofers aren’t even legal/legit.

Shingle Thickness: I know this sounds weird, but ask your roofer what “weight their roofing materials” are. If they don’t know, that’s a problem. Sadly, most won’t know.

I’ve Been A Roofer Since I Was 16 Years Old… And I Still Love Every Minute Of Every Day.

Let’s face it—there are literally hundreds of roofers in the Kansas City metro to choose from. And since getting in the roofing business isn’t that hard, a good percentage of those roofers aren’t very good. That’s probably why over 50% of them do not have a valid roofing license in Kansas or Missouri and have been in business for less than 3 years.

Then there’s Premier Roofing. My name is Jerry Courson; I’ve been roofing since I was 16 years old, and while most kids say they want to be astronauts, cowboys, or doctors when they grow up, I’ll admit I’ve never wanted to be anything but a roofer. When I was 16, I roofed my first house. And I was hooked! Now I’m 38 and have worked every job in the roofing industry from installer to materials handler to salesman. And I’ve owned Premier Roofing since 2006.

My passion for roofing allows me to approach the business differently than most. Other roofers try to maximize profit by turning as many jobs as quickly as possible and using minimum quality materials, gambling they can get away with it. Not me. I charge a little more (about 8 to 18% in most cases), but I only use the highest quality materials, and I insist on every detail being handled in the most customer-friendly way imaginable. This means I listen to you and consider your unique circumstances, and then I take care of you, using my roofing experience and expertise. You get a quote that’s right the first time—ZERO sales pressure and no silly pricing games. My materials are the best, and I’ve known most of my installers for DECADES, not DAYS (like some of my competitors). My warranties are the strongest around, and I won’t ask you for a down payment. That’s right… you’re not out one red cent until materials are delivered. Then just pay me when the job is done This gives YOU leverage to make sure everything is done EXACTLY to your liking.

If my approach to quality roofing sounds right to you, Premier Roofing is the company you want. Give us a call (or click the FREE ESTIMATE button on the right). Allow us the privilege to look after your roofing needs.